Final Update

Here come the official edit by Vlad Litvak of the Shred Cologne Blading Festvial 2017 including hammers from Joe Atkinson, Eugen Enin, Dominic Bruce, Jo Zenk, Nils Jansons, Alex Burston Sem Croft, Dan Collins, Nils Rinas, Randy Zoller and many more. Thanks to Vlad, Jannis, Pat and Chris for putting so much love in this edit.

Winner Announcement


  1. Joe Atkinson (England)
  2. Eugen Enin (Germany)
  3. Dominic Brce (Scotland)
  4. Jo Zenk (Germany)
  5. Nils Jansons (Latvia)


  1. Maurice Borr (Germany)
  2. Sven Ischen (Germany)
  3. Stepahn Mohr (Germany)


  1. Randy Zoller (Netherlands)
  2. Nils Rinas (Germany)
  3. Luca Zeidler (Germany)

Blading Camp Awards:

  • Luca Zimmermann (Germany)
  • Luca Zeidler


  1. Assia Zaharieva (Bulgaria)
  2. Jacky Schrooten (Netherlands)
  3. Aniek Kerkhofs (Netherlands)


  1. Manuel Weber (Germany)
  2. Gideon Dopslaf (Germany)
  3. Luca Gobbo (Netherlands)


Congratulations to all the winners! Stay tuned for more updates. We will bring you pictures by Alexander Stock, the offcial video by Vlad Lidvak and more. Thank you all for making this event so unique. We love you!
Sarah and Marco







Pro Rider Update

We don´t know if you are ready for this: LocoSkates brings Mr. Joe Atkinson to the Shred Cologne Blading Festival 2017...goosebumbs. Thank you so much Loco Skates Bladeshop!

Need a new Tattoo?

The Columbian blader and Tattoo artist Mauricio Monsalve Gonzalez from the Linea Azul Tatuaje will be at our tradeshow again. Our favorite from last year: "beer and blading - nicht gesund - trotzdem". Welcome back Mauricio!

Pro Rider Update

Dominic Bruce (Scotland) will compete at the pro show of the Shred Cologne Blading Festival 2017. Welcome home Dominic!


We are proud to present to you the beautiful trophys of SCBF 2017. Beside money and stuff each winner of the girls, ams, seniors and pros will get its own medal. It's in your hands which color you get! One week left! 

DJ Update

He is a professional DJ and Radio host, a member of the cologne blading community and he will put things to a new level on the turntables. Welcome to the show Mr. Markus Steinacker!

Sponsor Update

Skate Solution Skateshop will show up with their Teamriders and you can check out the newest products at their Tradeshow area booth. Thank you Skate Solution for supporting us again!


Pro Rider Update

LocoSkates Teamrider Mr. Dan Collins (London/ UK) will compete at the Pro Show at Shred Cologne Volume 6. Expect some crazy stunts and swichups. Welcome back Dan!

MC Update

Miguel Martinez (Hamburg/ Germany) will be the MC of the Shred Cologne Blading Festival 2017 again! He is that one voice that every blader in the world knows since the 90`s and there is no one like him when we talk about good vibes in huge location! Welcome to the crew Miguel!

Sponsor Update

The infamous Be-mag / Rollerblading Magazine will have a booth at the Tradeshow Area and will support all the winners of each comptition with awesome stuff. Thank you Be-mag! Support this great people and order at:

Pro Rider Update

The legend himself Mr. Julian Bah (USA) will compete at the Shred Cologne Blading Festival 2017 Pro Show. He is a real machine on the streets and will destroy our skatepark with stunts and steeze. Thank you Adapt Brand for making things possible. Get yourself ready for an awesome Weekend!

Sponsor Update

Razors and Ground Control Frame Company will support the Am-, Girl-, Junior- and Senior- Competitions with prices and send their Teamriders for the Pro Show. Thank you Sunshine Distribution! Support the supporters:

Pro Rider Update

Who is winning every Real Street Contest these days? Jo Zenk (Remz, Ground Control Frame Company, Grindhouse Skateshop, MNSTR BLADE) will compete at the Pro Show. Welcome home Jo!

Sponsor Update

USD, Kizer Frames and UC Wheels will be strong supporters at the Shred Cologne Blading Festival 2017. They will show up with their Team riders and support the Ams, Girls, Juniors and Seniors with their goods. Thank you Powerslide! Visit the new 20 year anniversary website:

Pro Rider Update

LocoSkates and USD rider Sam Crofts (UK) will compete at SCBF Pro Show! Have you seen his beautiful "Cologne Street" edit from our local filmer Eric Poss jet? Welcome to the show Sam!

Pro Rider Update

Razors | Stronger Than Ever and LocoSkates Teamrider Alex Burston (Manchester/UK) will compete at the Shred Cologne Pro Show. If there is one word to describe his skating its "steeze" and with steeze he will present his new Pro wheel by BHC wheels. Welcome to the Show Alex!

Pro Rider Update

The skater of the year 2016 Mr. Eugen Enin will compete at the Shred Cologne Blading Festival 2017. He just realeased his well deserved USD Pro Skate and we will see how he will destroy our special desigend skatepark on october the 7th. Welcome to the show Eugen!

Sponsor Update

In a long tradition the sideshow skatepark is presented to you by The Blackjack Project Next to it you can also support them and buy stuff at their tradeshowbooth. Visit Thank you tbjp!

Pro Rider Update

Nils Jansons (Latvia) is our first Pro headliner for the Shred Cologne Blading Festival 2017. He was the first winner ever of SCBC in 2012 and we are glad to have him again. Check out his awesome new "Perception" video by his brother Martins Jansons.

Registration is online!

Only 100 people can compete at SCBF 2017, so hurry up and register today. Thanks to our Websitemanagers Marcel Elz and Mario Dammann for making it all possible!

Love in every Detail

A wise Pro Blader once said about SCBF "The main difference to other events is the love in every detail, you can fell the love". We are grateful for these words and yes, even if times are changing we will stay true to our love for the sport. We do this to make you smile so it would be great if you grab your friends and visit the beautiful city of Cologne on October the 7th 2017 to celebrate blading together. Thank you!

Sponsor Update

Grindhouse Skateshop is another big and important sponsor at the Shred Cologne Blading Festival 2017. They will be represented with big special ramps and show up with their teamriders. Thank you Grindhouse. Support them and visit


LocoSkates Bladeshop will be our main partner in 2017. They will show up their Teamriders, have a tradeshow booth and present the main obstacle in the skatepark. Thank you LocoSkates for making this year even bigger. Support them and buy at the SCBF 2017 Tradeshow or visit

Official Edit

BOOOM! The official edit of the Shred Cologne Blading Festival 2016 by Vlad Litvak is online NOW. enjoy it.

See you all again on October the 7th, 2017!


Ladies and Gentleman, here are the official results for the Shred Cologne Blading Festival 2016. Stay tuned for the offical edit and pictures. Congratulations to all the winners, THANK YOU ALL for beeing there and thank you HALLE 59!

Pro (finals)

  1. Nick Lomax (UK)
  2. Dominic Bruce (SCO)
  3. Jo Zenk (GER)
  4. Eugen Enin (GER)
  5. Alex Burston (UK)
  6. Antony Pottier (BE)
  7. Evert Lubja (EST)
  8. Sam Crofts (UK)

Amateurs (finals)

  1. Maximilian Heid (GER)
  2. Martin Krutina (CZ)
  3. Erik Droogh (NL)
  4. Sven Ischen (GER)
  5. Adriano Landsberg (GER)
  6. Gilles Buelens (BE)
  7. Dario Tassone (CH)
  8. Karlis Bowman (USA)
  9. Marvin Dean (GER)

Seniors (finals)

  1. Gero Plocheter (GER)
  2. Daniel Maier (GER)
  3. Florian Hohaus (GER) & Mauricio Monsalve(CO)


  1. Jacky Schrooten (NL)
  2. Juanna Scheerlinck (BE)
  3. Bibiche Klaasse (NL)


  1. Randy Zoller (NL)
  2. Rodney van der Burg (NL)
  3. Jeroen Wilhelm (NL)
  4. Marius Gaile (GER)
  5. Nils Rinas (GER)
  6. Jonathan Mwangi (NL)
  7. Poema Kitseroo (NL)
  8. Robin Kerkhof (NL)
  9. Maximilian Lasnig (GER)
  10. Yannis Kirch (GER)
  11. Kevin Kickartz (GER)
  12. Luca Zimmermann (GER)


See you all on October 7, 2017 !


Please remember: You need to wear a HELMET to compete!
Online registration closes today at 4 pm.


Today we to thank REDNIB-Clothing for sponsoring the winners of the Juniors Competition! They produce beautiful apparel made of organic cotton. We love it.

Pro Update

Valo Brand UK Rider Connaire Skerritt is attending at the SCBF Pro Show. The UK seem to assume this event. Welcome Connaire!


Razors | Stronger Than Ever and Remz are supporting us with some Goodies and will send us a bunch of Teamriders: Alex Burston, Jo Zenk, Evert Lubja, Deniz Baethke, Karmi Schäfer, Alexander Sijakovic and Michael Witzemann.
Thank you!


"Full support!" That`s what we get from the Adapt Brand. They are sponsoring the Friday "Slopestyle Team Battle", will have a huge Tradeshow booth and show up with their Teamriders: Russel Day, Dan Collins, Rik van Huik, Levi van Rijn, Sem Croft.
Thank you Adapt!


Thank you Skate Solution for supporting the SCBF 2016. They will also have a booth at the tradeshowarea on Saturday. Support them!

Pro Update

Dominic Bruce (Scottland) is another awesome competitor we want to welcome to the Pro Show today! Now we have more Pro competitors than Amateurs. The blading world is upsidedown!

Pro Update

Antony Pottier (SEBA/ Arcena/ Nomadeshop) from Belgium is a real skating machine. It`s an honour to have him competing with all the other Pros at SCBF 2016! 7 days left...

Pro Update

London is calling ... again. USD and LocoSkates Teamrider Sam Crofts is also attending at the Pro Show! What was brexit again? Welcome Sam!

Pro Update

London is calling. Adapt Brand and LocoSkates Teamrider Dan Collins is attending at the SCBF Pro Show.
Better prepare yourself for creative and hard tricks!

Breaking News

The winner of the Amateurs Competition will win a complete new USD AEON Nick Lomax Pro Boot! Thank you USD!
It`s time to register now.


Today we want to thank Grindhouse Skateshop for supporting SCBF 2016. They will bring you a big Subbox Spot combined with Quater Pipes, Disaster Rails and more. Visit
and find your favorite Skates & Blading Equipment! Support our supporters.


The official Afterparty for SCBF will be the famous Indie Fresse Party / Subway / 01.10.2016. With your SCBF wristband you get a 3€ discount on the entry. Beside Dj`s, drinks and dancing you can play Mario Kart and much more. Join us!

Pro Update

He is maybe the most inspiring person in blading history and we are proud to welcome him: Clap your hands for USD Pro Eugen Enin from Borklyn Zoo!

Pro Update

Alex Burston (UK) from Razors will compete at the Pro show! One of the best park & street riders worldwide. Welcome to Shred No. 5 Mr. Burston.

Pro Update

It`s a honor to welcome a real OG from Irland to the SCBF 2016. Albert Hooi will show up and shred with a bunch of more USD Team riders that we will announce soon.
Thank you USD for pushing harder than ever!


LocoSkates is the official main partner of the Shred Cologne Blading Festival 2016. They present to you:
two huge skatespots, they will have a tradeshow booth and their team riders will shred the Pro competition. Support Loco and visit their website. We say thank you Jake Eley for believing in this project!

Pro Update

A real ramp skating monster from UK confirmed today. Danny Aldridge will compete at Shred 2016 again. Yes!

Breaking News

Miguel Martinez will be the host of the Shred Cologne Blading Festival 2016! He is that one voice that every blader in the world knows and there is no one like him when we talk about a good vibe in a skatepark! Welcome to the crew! 

(Photo. Kaspars Alksnis)

Pro Update

The Shred Champion of 2015 Mr. Nick Lomax (UK) will be in the house to defend his title. Is there anyone that can jump higher and shred faster? Welcome to the show!

Pro Update

We are happy to announce the first Pro Rider straight from San Diego, California. Welcome to the Show Adapt Teamrider RUSSEL DAY!


Registration 2016 is ONLINE!

Register now for the Shred Cologne Blading Festival for Pro, Amateurs, Girls or Juniors. Four weeks to go. First Pro Rider announcements coming soon!

Official Results

Thank YOU all for making this event the best one ever!
Here are the offical results of Shred Cologne 2015:


  1. Nick Lomax (UK)
  2. Eugen Enin (GER)
  3. Richie Eisler (CA)
  4. Danny Aldridge (UK)
  5. Scott Quinn (UK)
  6. Rik van Huik (NL)
  7. Levi van Rijn (NL)
  8. Blake Bird (UK)
  9. Joey Egan (UK)
  10. Diego Luppi (SWISS)


  1. Sidney Hannsen (GER)
  2. Basti Thüring (GER)
  3. Felix Kerinnes (GER)


  1. Frederieke Reisch (GER)
  2. Auriane Daries (FR)
  3. Jacky Schrooten (NL)

Rednib Juniors:

  1. Randy Zoller (NL)
  2. Jaro Frijn (NL)
  3. Nils Rinas (GER)


  1. Gero Plochetter (GER)
  2. Manuel Weber (GER)
  3. Mo Lamred (GER)

Congratulations to all the winners. More results, impressions and the official event video will be online in the upcoming days. Words can`t tell how much we love everyone of you. See you all on the first of October in 2016 again!


We are the first event in blading history, that will have it`s own Skate. Ladies and gentleman this is the announcement of the Shred Cologne X Adapt Brand Boot!
The Winner of the AMATEURS competition will get this one in his own size! Crazy? Yes, it is! 2 days left till we are all coming home again!


This is the official “SHRED COLOGNE 2015 TRAILER” by Eric Poss. We truly have tears in our eyes. Spread it to the world. Thank you Eric and Chris!

Special Event

Don´t miss our pre-event on friday night presented by The Blackjack Project. The Battle is called "Game of D.O.G." and yes, we will have a BLADEABLE DOGHOUSE!
Remember: The skatepark will be open for Bladers only the whole day!


It`s an honor to welcome USD & Loco Skates Teamrider RICHIE EISLER from Canada to the Pro competition. 


3,2,1, Booooooom! Welcome to the Pro division Mr. Nick Lomax! I could talk for hours about this guy but actions speak louder than words. 8 weeks till we all share on home and one feeling in Cologne again. Thank you Nick!


We would like to present to you the host of SCBC 2015. Some people call him Mr. Winterclash, others the hardest working man in blading history. Clap you hands for Johannes Jacobi!


Last year he won the Am Competition, this time he will compete as a PRO RIDER for the first time. If you want to see big, clean & stylish tricks you should not miss him! Welcome to the show Mr. Bobi Spassov (25) from Israel.


We are proud to announce the first official Pro Rider for SCBC 2015. He skates for Remz Skates & Kaltik Frames and we are happy to call him our friend! Say hello to Joey Egan from Ireland!


Today we like to present you the first partner of SCBC 2015. EVERY junior competitor gets a fair trade & organic cotton T-shirt from REDNIB-Clothing for free and can choose his favorite color and size at their tradeshow booth after the competition! Rednib is a big supporter of actions sports and we are grateful for supporting blading the first time! Support them as well and visit their booth!

The official edit of SCBC 2014

Here comes the official edit of SCBC 2014!

The High Definition Video will be online tomorrow.

Enjoy it! Thanks to Chris Piotrowicz for the great work!


Official Results

Over & out! Thank you all for becoming part of this awesome weekend! We are speachless about the positive feedback! We love everyone of you! 

Get well soon Daniel Gourski! (We can still hear the crowd clapping their hands and shouting you name to push you) ! 

You will get the full results, all the pictures and the official video in the upcoming days. See you at New Years Shred in January! 



Congratulation to all the winners!



  1. Carson Starnes (USA)
  2. Nick Lomax (England)
  3. Eugen Enin (Germany)
  4. Rik van Huik (Netherlands)
  5. Daniel Gourski (Cologne/ Germany) 
  6. Antony Pottier (Belgium)
  7. Martin Walchshofer (Austria)
  8. Dave Mutschall (Germany)
  9. Dominic Bruce (Scotland)
  10. Adrian Deck (Switzerland)



  1. Bobi Spassov
  2. Alex Deutschmann
  3. Dominik Hammer



  1. Friederike Reisch
  2. Jacky Schrooten
  3. Assia Zaharieva



  1. Nils Rinas
  2. Randy Zoller
  3. Justin Szewcyk



This time we have a Pro feature with Jo Zenk & Daniel Gourski. If you will not be in cologne at Saturday you have nothing to do with blading at all  Clap your hands for our filmers Eric Poss and Chris Piotrowicz!


Pro Rider Update

Daniel Nielsen from the Razors team will represent Denmark at the Pro competition this year. We like that! What about you?

Girl Pro Rider Update

Since day one there is a woman that skates even better than most of us ever will. She is a big inspiration for all the girls out there. Welcome to the competition Mrs. Frieda Reisch (Berlin)!


Need a special souvenir & want to support this skaterowend event at the same time?

So we have a good option for you. Buy a limited edition Shred Cologne "Good times" Shirt available in 2 colors for only 12 € or a nice "Good times" bag for 7 € at the tradeshow area. More infos soon...

Pro Rider Update

Frederick Andersson (Sweden) is our newest Rider on the Pro List. There is so much to tell about this awesome guy, but this commitment means more to me. Back in 2008 he won my very first competition. 6 years later we are both in the game try to push this sport. He was one of the reasons to go on with organizing blade events. Thank you for showing up at SCBC!


Who is always smiling and killing the skatepark in the same time? Yes! Welcome to the Pro competition Mr. Josh Glowicki from Texas, USA. We are sooooo happy to have him again in cologne this year!

Battle my crew

The Blackjack Project presents the "battle my crew" miniramp contest at Shred Cologne the evening before the competition from 8-10pm. Better be there!


Booom! Teaser #2 with a focus on Eugen Enin. Produced and filmed by Chris Piotrowicz and Eric Poß. Enjoy the Eugen show! Stay tuned for teaser #3...

Pro Rider Update

You really need an update? Ok, here it comes: He won the Winterclash Juniors Comp in 2013, now he is sponsors by SSM, The Blackjack Project, The Chimera Conspiracy and many more.

Welcome to the Pro Competition Dominic Bruce from Scottland! (Yes he is allowed to skate Pro!)


We got 19 Pro rider commitmens... here comes the next one. Be-mag called him the "French style king". We call him Mr. AO Topsoul. Welcome Guillaume Le Gentil ! 

Pro Rider Update

Update: Who was/ is the European & German champion, Winterclash winner and one of the best bowl, park & street skaters this country ever had? Right! Welcome to the pro competition Dominik Wagner!


Pro Rider Update

Now we need bigger ramps... welcome to the Pro Competition Julien Cudot!


Pro Rider Update

Welcome to the show Mr. Nick Lomax ! He is one of the best pros we got these days and we are happy to have him shredding cologne on october the 4th!

Official Teaser#1

The First Teaser for SCBC 2014 is online. Filmed & produced by: Chris Piotrowicz and Eric Poß. In this episode we take our focus on the talents of this city. Enjoy it!


Working Crew Update

Usually we start to present the first pro riders. But a good event needs a quality working crew as well. In this case we talk about some of the best judges in the world. Say hello to Johannes Jacobi, Bart Laubsch & Freddy White! 


Sponsor announcement

We are proud to present one of the big Sponsors for Shred Cologne2014. It`s there since 1995 and we are happy to present Grindhouse Skateshop as a big supporter in 2014. They will make a lot possible this year so we say thank you.They will also have a booth at the Tradeshow! Support the supporters!